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Jan 5th at 9PM / 0 notes

hey whens Ghost in the machine dropping???? 

It’s out now! Cybakilla . Bandcamp

Jul 27th at 12AM / 13 notes

"TOMMY was suggested to us through an old friend and like most videos, we met for the first time on location. The particular piece was one of the longer ones we had done and we wanted to work with an alternative to cutting to break it into two pieces. The solution was to climb a stair case and follow TOMMY to the 2nd half of his rap. Also, this marks our first threat… thanks for the shout out TOMMY!"

Got hooked up with Matthew and Ronin for their insanely awesome project TIME SPENT. All about this bare bones no bullshit real raw rap. Old school timeless classic type shit except its so future at the same time. Their new site is crispy as shit and so is this video with me! so check this shit out!!

(Source: timespent.biz)

Mar 21st at 11PM / 10 notes

First video by TOMMY for the track FUTURE CLOTHES off of the tape GHOST IN THE MACHINE
Released through @globodigitalvid

(Source: xvials)

Mar 20th at 1PM / 4 notes

new mothafuckin tape soon

new mothafuckin tape soon

Mar 18th at 7PM / 7 notes
new mothafuckin video soon

new mothafuckin video soon